Our Story

The idea for Kublet sprang from a simple reason. Our founder Audrey, like many others, found herself working from home one day. While working and tracking stock prices, she had become frustrated by constantly opening her phone or keeping multiple browser tabs open to monitor prices. So she decided to develop kublet — a simple way to monitor data on the desk without taking up too much real estate. Her goal was simple — to make it easy for anyone to monitor data they care about with a device that brought together gorgeous aesthetics with only the finest build.

Dozens of prototypes were developed in the run up to our current product, which was launched on Kickstarter in June 2023 and smashed our campaign goal. With the support from our backers, we were able to manufacture our vision to life, and see kublets in homes and offices all over the world.

Today, our neverending quest to make the most beautiful and functional data tracker continues, as we listen to and iterate on users' feedback to help refine our apps and user experience. In our labs, our hardware engineers work tirelessly to craft the most aesthetically pleasing cube on for your desk, so you can monitor data you care about.