Terms of Sale


  • New users: Set up
  • Change app
  • Setting up additional kublets


  • Kublet device
  • WiFi connection
  • iOS/Android phone


  • Do NOT press or touch the display screen in any circumstance.
  • Do NOT over plug and unplug the micro-USB from kublet. The USB port, like any other ports, is liable to wear and tear.
  • Do NOT plug cable into a fast battery charging source. If you need a power adapter, please use a DC5V power adaptor.
  • DO use the cable provided to power your kublet.

Tip: Press button once to open menu, press again to navigate menu items, press and for 2 seconds to select menu item.

New users: Set up

This section walks through the process of setting up a new kublet for first time users. If you've already set up your first kublet and want to set up additional ones, please see section on Setting up additional kublets.

Download Mobile App

  • iOS: Download app here
  • Android: Download app here

Power on kublet device

Plug the micro-USB power cable that came with the box into the kublet device and see the welcome screen displayed.

Then, open the mobile app and follow the prompts.

Warning: Do NOT power your kublet from a fast charging battery source.

  • Select your app and configuration, the kublet device should show up in the devices list.

  • Select the device and click connect.

  • Allow Bluetooth Pairing Request when prompted start uploading.

Change app

To change app from an existing one, set kublet to pairing mode and select your app on your mobile.

Warning: Do NOT push against the kublet display when you press the button. Do NOT touch it at all in any circumstance.

Set kublet to pairing mode

Press the button at the back of kublet once to open up menu. Select menu item "Update" to set kublet to pairing mode.

Open up mobile app, select the app you want to upload, set configuration, and go through the same process of connecting to the kublet device to upload the app.

Setting up additional kublets

There is no need to go through the same process you did when setting up your first kublet. Simply select the app you want from the Home screen. You will see your new device appear on the Device screen. Select the new device and pair to upload an app onto your new kublet.